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Rocco Longo began his own activity in 1952. At the age of 27 he opened in Bruno Buozzi street a small shop for the overhauling of motors and mechanical units of heavy motor vehicles as well of their components.

Having noticed his engagement, professionalism and great achievements, important companies in the field of heavy motor vehicles offered him to service their customers, including the German ZF and FIAT, Iveco and another German company, Voith, wich brought innovations in the field of automatism.

As a consequence of the remarkable increase of his activity, in 1965 Rocco Longo gave strong impulse to the developement of his company buying a 5.000 square metres ground located at the beginning of via Santa Caterina (Santa Caterina road), on which he built a shed covering about 2.500 square metres.
Among the first recognitions, the Italian Academy for Economical and Social Development gave him a honour parchement as an author of progress of Apulia and for "his active contribution to the social and cultural development of his land as well as for the eminent moral virtues that make of him an author of the welfare of the community". Some years later Rocco Longo also got the prestigious title of 'Cavaliere del Lavoro' (Knight of Industry).

With the acquisition of the Service Center of Breda-Menarinibus, Rocco Longo's company extended its influence to the neighbouring regions of Basilicata, Calabria and Abruzzo-Molise.
This remarkable progress was possible thanks to the contribution of Rocco's sons Vincenzo and Andrea, both high-qualified experts who attend all refresher courses and hold informed about technological innovations. Their skill has reached such a level that they are invited for surveys and controls even from central and northern Italy.

Therefore, the Officine Meccaniche Longo (mechanical shops Longo) represent today the best you can get in southern Italy in the field of diagnosises and overhauls, also because we have special stands and test benches for any unit and highly specialised and qualified workers. After those achievements the Officine Meccaniche Longo (mechanical shops Longo) celebrate their 50 years from the foundation in view of a further extension of their seat.


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